Message from the Chairman

Citizens and council members!

The 6th Goheung-gun Counci,l which is about to embark on great ventures abroad, was finally launched.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to you all for having me here as the chair of the 6th Goheung-gun Council. I believe that you have elected me to this honorable position with great expectations from me. Therefore, I promise that I will make my best efforts to protect citizens’ rights and interests and make an open and a transparent council.

In the age of decentralization, a local council exists for citizens. As a representative of all our beloved citizens, I will keep moving forward to meet their needs, improve social welfare, and create an opportunity to upgrade Goheung.

In addition, I will keep hearing council members’ voices and lead Goheung-gun Council toward a positive and prosperous direction.

Based on the experiences during the 4th and 5th councils, I will do my best to operate the 6th council in an efficient manner, believing that great cooperation and participation from council members would bring change and prosperity to Goheung.

Dear citizens, I wish you all good health and happiness in your family.

Thank You!

Shin Tae-gyun
Chairman of Goheung-gun Council